NFTrade Integrates the XRP Ledger (XRPL) to Offer Multi-Chain NFT Marketplace with Protocol-Level Royalty Protections

By Anna Savenko
Posted July 7, 2023

In a groundbreaking move, NFTrade, the leading multi-chain NFT marketplace, has announced its integration with the XRP Ledger (XRPL). This integration marks a significant milestone for both NFTrade and the XRPL ecosystem, as it becomes the first multi-chain NFT marketplace to support XRPL. With this integration, NFTrade offers an unmatched level of functionality, empowering users with a seamless platform to create, buy, sell, and earn NFTs. Furthermore, NFTrade’s implementation of protocol-level royalty protections enhances the value and incentives for NFT creators, making it a go-to marketplace for artists, collectors, and gamers alike.

By integrating with XRPL, NFTrade opens up a world of possibilities for NFT enthusiasts. Users gain access to the full lifecycle of NFTs within a single platform, simplifying the entire NFT experience. Artists can showcase their digital creations, collectors can explore unique NFTs, and gamers can discover new in-game assets – all under one roof. NFTrade’s comprehensive solution caters to the diverse needs of NFT users and streamlines the process of engaging with XRPL NFTs.

One of the most significant benefits of NFTrade’s integration with XRPL is the implementation of protocol-level royalty protections. This revolutionary feature maximizes creator value by ensuring they receive appropriate compensation for their work. Through XLS-20, NFTrade has embedded critical features like automatic royalties and co-ownership, simplifying the process for artists to track their royalties, transactions, and the provenance of their work. This presents an incredible opportunity for smaller artists who may have previously faced challenges in securing their rightful earnings from their NFT creations.

NFTrade’s introduction as the first multi-chain NFT marketplace on XRPL heralds a new era for the XRPL ecosystem. By expanding the options available to NFT enthusiasts, NFTrade injects vibrancy and utility into NFTs on the XRP Ledger. Users can now access a diverse selection of high-quality NFTs from various chains, including Ethereum, Avalanche, Binance Smart Chain, and XRPL, all within a single marketplace. NFTrade’s commitment to providing an advanced and secure NFT marketplace experience further strengthens the XRPL ecosystem and opens new opportunities for NFT creators.

“We are thrilled to integrate the XRP Ledger into our multi-chain platform. At NFTrade, we’re committed to providing the most advanced and secure NFT marketplace experience for creators and speculators worldwide. The integration of XRPL is an important step in that direction. We look forward to working with the XRPL community to expand the NFT ecosystem and bring new opportunities to NFT creators.”

NFTrade’s reputation as a leading multi-chain NFT marketplace is further solidified with the integration of XRPL. Its easy-to-use interface, advanced trading features, and support for multiple blockchains have already made NFTrade a popular choice among NFT traders. Now, with XRPL integration and the introduction of protocol-level royalty protections, NFTrade continues to set new industry standards by providing a robust marketplace for NFT creators, collectors, and speculators.

How to start trading on XRPL?

To start trading on XRP Ledger, you need to install XUMM Wallet.

Here is the official guide on installing and setting up XUMM Wallet.

Pay attention! To start using XUMM Wallet, you must activate the account by depositing 20 XRP tokens. Guides on how to deposit XRP from different exchanges.

Good luck! And happy trading on XRP Ledger on NFTrade!

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