NFTrade 2.0 is LIVE!

By Vukan Ljubojevic
Posted September 15, 2022
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The moment you have all been waiting for has finally arrived – the release of our upgraded NFTrade 2.0! The TLDR is: new features, new chains, and new UI/UX, but this is just the start. Let’s get into the meat of NFTrade 2.0 below so you can see how you can get the most out of our updated NFT marketplace.

Below are some of the highlights:

NFT marketplace aggregation – Amazon allows users to see listings from stores and sellers all over the world, with products sold by Amazon itself, as well as from other stores and unrelated affiliates. This aggregation of goods lets users compare the availability and price of a specific product, and with our marketplace aggregation, we are introducing something similar to the NFT space. Starting with OpenSea integration and expanding to additional NFT marketplaces, users will be able to browse different NFT listings from a variety of marketplaces, all from a single hub. No need to open 10000 tabs in your browser to track separate listings; you can access everything in one easy-to-use platform.

Multi-purchase NFT cart – With the current bear market, gas fees have declined, but they can still add up to a big chunk of your total purchase if you’re not careful. With our NFT cart, you can purchase as many NFTs as you like from a specific chain in a single purchase, increasing ease of use and decreasing the overall gas fees and time spent conducting transactions.

Advanced NFT Statistics – Our cutting-edge analytical features give users a deeper understanding of their favorite collections and the broader NFT market. There are many new analytical features available, such as viewing the entire and up-to-date history of all collections, tracking the historical floor price of collections, comparing top collections and their trading volumes, and much more. NFT insights and tracking just got a whole lot more advanced.

New user experience and user interface – With our new UX and UI, browsing and using NFTrade is smoother than ever before. From tip to tail, we’ve updated all user-facing experiences on our site, ushering in a brand new design that fits with our boundary-pushing applications. We’ve also added new UX-related features requested by our community, like a revamped homepage that is easier to navigate, and the ability to switch between light or dark modes.

Additional blockchain integrations – The integration of six blockchains and three wallets that we currently host is just the beginning. Our goal is to integrate at least three more chains and three more wallets by the end of October. One of the chains (which will be released by name very soon) is rapidly fighting its way to the top of the NFT market by volume and users, and we’re thrilled to work with their development team and ecosystem of gaming partners to make accessing their NFTs as easy as possible. Moreover, more wallet integrations will expose us to a broader range of crypto-native users.

Sweeping the floor – Did somebody call a janitor? Sweeping the floor of your favorite collections is now available with the click of a button. Our ‘Sweep the Floor’ button allows you to buy as many NFTs within a collection at the lowest possible price. Want to ape into the next up-and-coming collection or stock up on your already established favorites? Easily purchase as many NFTs as you’d like!

Multi-chain order book and NFT limit orders – If you are a seasoned trader within any asset class, you understand the importance of understanding the true liquidity depth within that asset class. In this respect, NFTs are not much different than other assets, but users could never get the full picture of the buy-side and sell-side interest. Now, with NFTrade’s multi-chain NFT order book, we are bringing a much needed view into this nascent asset class, allowing for much more traditional technical analysis to be utilized for NFTs.

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