NFTrade $100k Community Round

By Vukan Ljubojevic
Posted September 23, 2021

Early users are the initial lifeblood of any project, helping with the establishment, usage, and evangelization of a platform. At NFTrade, we are extremely grateful to all of our early platform users and backers, and to reward our community, we have decided to reserve $100,000 of $NFTD tokens solely for early platform users. This community round will be open to ALL wallet addresses and users that have conducted at least one transaction on NFTrade, a special thank you from our team to the people that are turning our goal of becoming the preeminent cross-chain NFT marketplace and aggregator into reality.

This community round will feature $NFTD tokens available at our seed token price, allowing our early backers to get access to $NFTD tokens at the lowest available price possible.

Eligible Participants

All wallet addresses that have interacted with the NFTrade platform BEFORE the release of this announcement will be eligible to participate in our community round and get access to this $NFTD token pool. This means that if you used NFTrade on any of the four mainnets we support, Ethereum, Polygon, Avalanche, or Binance Smart Chain, you can access this round. However, in order to participate and redeem $NFTD tokens from this community round, users will have to use $USDT.e, a wrapped USDT token on the Avalanche blockchain. The community round will take place on the same day as our token listing.

All active addresses will be whitelisted, and no KYC will be necessary. The community round will take place on the Avalanche blockchain using $USDT.e — you can swap for AVAX-based $USDT (known as $USDT.e) here:

The community round will begin at 8 AM UTC on September 24th, and closes 3 hours later at 11 AM UTC (or until all available allocation has been purchased). Each eligible user will be entitled to buy $200 of $NFTD tokens, getting early and exclusive access before our public launch. Following the purchase of $NFTD tokens, users can claim 100% of their allocation once our tokens are publicly available.

The community round will be first come, first serve, so the earlier you prepare, the better chance you have to receive a community round allocation. By offering our backers the $NFTD token at seed price, we hope to continue to bolster our community and grow stronger alongside the users that have brought NFTrade to life.

You can access the community round page:

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