NFT Aggregator

By Vukan Ljubojevic
Posted February 11, 2022

For NFT collectors, investors, creators, and fans, it can be quite challenging to successfully track the NFTs launches and releases you are looking for. Currently, through an industry structure where most NFT platforms are centralized and therefore non-cooperative, you see artists, athletes, and creators fenced off to specific platforms. At this point, it’s coming down to what incentives platforms can offer their creators in order to attract new business and maintain their presence, but this does not play out well for users and customers. Customers have to hop from place to place, hoping that they can track down all of the different news and events taking place on each platform.

Through aggregation, NFTs can launch independently across different platforms, but the sales information will be collected and moved to an open secondary marketplace where buying, selling, and trading can also commence. This is one of the beauties of open source technology and decentralized ledgers such as Ethereum and BSC, as they allow for easy traceability and integration with easily viewable and verifiable code. With an NFT aggregator, the marketplace will become much more accessible, as everyone will know they only need to use a single application to access everything they could potentially find available on the open market.

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