IMX Gaming Ecosystem Overview – PlanetQuest

By Vukan Ljubojevic
Posted October 20, 2022

Do you have what it takes to control the universe? If so, PlanetQuest might just be the game for you. Built on ImmutableX and backed by some of the most prominent names in the crypto space, PlanetQuest allows users to discover and own planets all around the universe, each one uniquely defined by set traits and characteristics. Unlike many ‘traditional’ games, the entire storyline of PlanetQuest is player-driven, a powerful tool within the Web3 ecosystem that puts control into the hands of users, not just the developers behind the creation process. 

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About PlanetQuest:

The Empire, the Federation, and the Union are the three factions that rule over PlanetQuest and call it home. Every faction has its own ideology, which frequently puts them at odds with one another. The Universal Council brings factions together to address issues that endanger everyone.

In PlanetQuest, the main gameplay takes place on both player-owned and unowned planets, all of which are driven by state-of-the-art procedural technology. All parts of PlanetQuest—exploration, battle, trading, and construction—are fueled by planets and their conquests. Players receive quests from both well-known personalities and unknown ones as they explore. These dynamic missions could face them against deadly creatures or even Explorers from rival factions.

Player gear of various levels is available to all, and can be found, built from pieces, or bought from other players to customize gameplay opportunities. This gear ranges from Explorer Suits to plasma guns, and from recon drones to singularity grenades. With the ability to personalize their loadout to better suit the requirements of their team and goal, players can enjoy a variety of completely unique gameplay possibilities.

PlanetQuest gives players the freedom to explore the universe and perhaps even generate some income while doing so, giving users direct control of planets, guilds, and equipment. Everything you possess in PlanetQuest is actually yours to retain, sell, or trade, with all buying and selling available to take place on NFTrade. 

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