IMX Gaming Ecosystem Overview – Immortal Game

By Vukan Ljubojevic
Posted October 21, 2022

Immortal Game has a rule setup that is completely identical to one of the oldest and most popular board games of all time, chess, and Immortal is giving it a new spin using blockchain technology. To win, you must facilitate a checkmate with the opponent’s king. The difference between Immortal Game and chess is that players begin with 1-4 immortals and 9-12 traditional chess pieces. Players are tasked with choosing where they put their immortal pieces. During gameplay, immortals have quests they must complete to earn in-game rewards. Each immortal represents a unique NFT. 


Players purchase one immortal to begin gameplay. They can only have up to four immortals playing in any one game, but it is possible to own more than four altogether. There are four leagues in the game where players compete and earn rewards. The more exclusive a league is, the more opportunity to win rewards. Players can also complete in-game tasks to earn extra tokens.

Immortal Game is supported by some of the top professional chess players globally, spicing up possibilities in the chess world and adding a brand new level of gamification and monetization. Check out all Immortal NFTs on NFTrade and start your journey!

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